Sales& Marketing for Technology & Innovation International
SMARTII::International Business Development Agency
7 steps for international Success
First step is the most difficult - start sales in one market and create excellent image.
Successful Local Business
Critical mass of customers is a must!
Ask industry experts! Position in the leadership quadrant.
Nobody can do it without it!
7 steps for international Success
Your business is successful in one country, critical mass of loyal customers is achieved ... now its time to make next step
Enterprise Sales
Approach directly important clients.
Demand Generation
Best marketing sells, sales machine needs fuel - leads and constant demand.
Service Delivery & Support
Excellent service and customer feedback.
7 steps for international Success
Leadership on the market is the ultimate goal ...
Unique competitive advantage and leadership strategy
Be number 1 or die!
How to act without local presence?
Channel model does not work anymore ...
Markets overcrowded by competitors ...
Todays reality is a internet fast world without frontiers and limitations. Cloud services, global customer reach, service and product convergence. Its extremely beneficial for us. But at the same time it changes the way we do business. Competition higher then ever, classical channel is not working, nobody will generate business except vendor itself ...
Smartii tools
Act today to get results tomorrow
Local Online Marketers
Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic we speak online.
Enterprise Sales / High Level Connections
Constant contact with a customer.
Social Networks/ Media Relationships Specialists
Its not possible create opinion, but is possible to influence it.
Events, Content, other Marketing
Generate business, position the brand.
Channel Partners Data Base
from Global System Integrators to SMB local partners.
Local Telephone Center
Outgoing and incoming calls to customers and partners.
Our clients
Our customers achieve international success. First results in 90 days garanteed!
Our Partners
Marketing Intelligence Agency
Marketing strategies to grow business headed by marketing guru Igor Mann
Business Processes Consulting
Theory of Constraints by a genious Eliahu Goldratt
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